• 15 Oct
    Game Show Night

    Game Show Night

    What is Game Show Night at the Merc?

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    Wednesday night shenanigans, sort of like pub trivia, but a bit more wild! Grab a beer and get your buzzer! The game format is a fun interactive buzzer banging good time, and since it takes a bit of knowledge AND a bit of lucky card drawin’, anyone can win!  No teams required, but bring your friends for a better hand! But bring just the knowledge and the guts to ring in shout out an answer! If you’re right, you earn a giant playing card! I ask 20 questions per round, you collect cards for each question you get right, and at the end of each round the best poker hand wins!!! Wins what you ask?










    You can win amazing unique artbyBizarbara like A Glowing Baby Doll Head (or a couple free beers!)


    We also give prizes for 2nd, 3rd and occasionally 4th! These consist of random pulls from a bag of estate sale crap curated and collected by the one and only Babs!